Monday, November 30, 2015

Another sign that FXM Retro is still going

Going back to the earliest days of this blog, when there was the Fox Movie Channel that was commercial-free and relatively classic movie oriented 24 hours a day, I pointed out that whoever programs the channel likes to take a small number of movies out of the vaults, run them into the ground, and then take a different set of films out of the vault and run those into the ground. It seems to be the beginning of the month that we see some movies return from out of the vault.

As you'll have noticed if you look at a calendar, tomorrow is December 1, which means the first day of a new month. Once again, we get a couple of movies that haven't been on FXM Retro in some time. The first of them is Swamp Water, coming up at 8:25 AM tomorrow. I blogged about it in June 2010, and then noticed that it was coming back out of the vault in June 2013, something that I have to admit I'd forgotten about.

The other one is Moontide, which I've mentioned on a couple of occasions, most recently in February 2013 which is when I think it had its last batch of airings on what was still the Fox Movie Channel at the time. That immediately follows Swamp Water, at 10:00 AM.

If you don't believe me that FXM Retro likes to run movies into the ground, look at the schedule for Wednesday, December 2. There's Swamp Water at 6:00 AM, followed by Moontide at 7:25 AM.

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