Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Coming attractions, October 24-25

I had meant to take last night's post on The Agony and the Ecstasy and have it post this morning since we're gearing up for storms this afternoon that may screw with my internet connection, but I accidentally hit publish before scheduling a time for it to post. So instead I take a look at some of the things coming up on TV in the near future.

I've mentioned The Baron of Arizona a couple of times in passing; that one will be on TCM at 12:15 PM today. Vincent Price plays a man who learns that the treaty that gave the US what is now most of the state of Arizona from Mexico included a clause that kept all previous land grants in force. So he sets out to forge a land grant that would give him all of the state, something that takes him to Spain over a long period of forgery, among other things. It's based on a true story and an interesting little movie.

Carnival of Souls will be on overnight at 2:00 AM as part of TCM's October look at horror movies. A midwestern church organist is about to move away, and gets in a car accident that leaves two of her friends dead and causes her to leave town. In her new job she starts having disturbing visions of what might be the afterlife, culminating at an abandoned amusement park. Unfortunately, this one was on pretty late last time TCM aired it a year ago, and since I was going to record something else, I only got to watch part of it. It didn't help that that night's schedule got off from what the printed schedule and the box guide said.

FXM Retro is is still running The Culpepper Cattle Company from time to time; it's going to be on again tomorrow at 1:25 PM. Some of you will probably like this one more than I did.

As for shorts, there's another airing of Kingdom of the Saguenay, at approximately 11:50 PM tonight on TCM, at the end of the time slot taken by Diary of a Madman (10:00 PM, 97 min).

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