Monday, September 23, 2019


I probably should have mentioned first thing this morning that another of the TCM spotlights is coming up starting tonight in prime time. This time, it's called "Cinenmability", about Hollywood's portrayal of the disabled. I could swear TCM did a month-long spotlight on the same topic near the end of the annual series of spotlights looking at different minority groups. At any rate, this spotlight is two nights, tonight and next Monday, kicking off at 8:00 PM with a documentary called Cinemability: The Art of Inclusion, which will be repeated next Monday.

The documentary's director, Jenni Gold, will be presenting the series, I believe with Ben Mankiewicz although TCM's article on the spotlight doesn't say this. For whatever reason, a disproportionate number of the movies have deaf people as the subject, those being Johnny Belinda overnight tonight (or early tomorrow morning) at 3:00 AM, and two next week, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Children of a Lesser God.

Two movies: The Unknown at 4:45 AM tomorrow and The Best Years of Our Lives next week deal with amputees. The other movies are Freaks, tonight at 10:00 PM; Bride of Frankenstein at 11:15 PM; and The Hunchback of Notre Dame overnight at 12:45 AM (so still Monday night in the more westerly time zones). There don't seem to be any blind people or wheelchair bound, which surprises me.

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