Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Short and sweet and not on DVD?

Today is the fourth of five days of the "Short and Sweet" movies on TCM, looking at movies with a running time of under 75 minutes. I was looking through the schedule to see if there was anything worth recording, and I was slightly surprised.

The first thing I noticed is that as the movies continue into Thursday morning, there's High Pressure, which I blogged about at the beginning of the month. It's airing tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM should you want to watch it without buying the Powell at Warner Bros. box set. But what I noticed is that TCM's schedule page doesn't have a link to the TCM shop for that set, which is in fact available not just at Amazon but at the TCM Shop.

So I looked at a couple of other movies to see if they're on DVD despite the schedule not having a link to the TCM Shop. The first obvious guess was the Shirley Temple movie Little Miss Broadway, tonight at 6:30 PM. Amazon has it on a three-movie set, while the TCM Shop has this six-movie set.

A Family Affair (overnight at 12:30 AM) is the first of the Andy Hardy movies, so I thought that would be on DVD, but as far as I can tell it might not actually be on DVD. There are two Andy Hardy box sets, but the first one seems to start with You're Only Young Once. Apparently there was no plan for a series until after the success of A Family Affair. And there's no DVD for it at Amazon either.

Lastly, I would have presumed that the Warner Archive would have put out a set of Wheeler and Woolsey movies. Whether or not they included enough of those movies to have Hips, Hips, Hooray (today at 1:30 PM) on it, I wasn't certain. I couldn't find a DVD at Amzon, but the TCM Shop has this nine-movie set.

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