Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Back in the FXM rotation, February 17-??, 2021

I have admit that I didn't really lok at the FXM schedule in much detail once I noticed that Sodom and Gomorrah was on this morning, and that was going to be my FXM movie to blog about. Looking at it a bit more in detail, and there are quite a few movies that I think are just now coming out of the vaults and are worth a mention.

First up is Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, airing today at 1:10 PM and again tomorrow at 3:00 AM. Peter Lorre is bloated; Walter Pidgeon is getting up there in years as is Joan Fontaine; and there's Barbara Eden and Frankie Avalon (no Annette Funicello) for the teens.

High Anxiety concludes the FXM Retro part of the schedule on Wednesday, at 1:25 PM. This is Mel Brooks' spoof of Alfred Hitchcock, worth a mention since it's got the recently deceased Cloris Leachman in it as well. It, too, has an airing the following day, at 10:25 AM Thursday.

Starting and ending the Thursday FXM Retro daypart is Fantastic Voyage. Your chance to see Raquel Welch in a form-fitting outfit, this one comes on at 3:05 AM Thursday and 1:15 PM Thursday.

Elsewhere on Thursday, there's The Day Mars Invaded Earth, at noon Thursday. This is one of those Maury Dexter cheapies, but it's surprisingly good for a cheapie. It's another movie that gets an airing the following day, at 4:45 AM Friday.

Finally, on Friday, I'll mention The Gods Must Be Crazy, at 1:10 PM. Surprisingly, a search of the blog suggests I've never done a post on it. It's been quite a few years since I've watched it, so I'll have to DVR it and do a post on it for some future FXM showing.

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