Wednesday, May 19, 2021

As FXM Retro keeps trundling along....

I think it's been almost 9-1/2 years since the old Fox Movie Channel became FXM and only had old movies on for half of the day. I said back then that I expected the FXM Retro block to be around for maybe six months before the whole channel went all newer movies with copious commercial breaks. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Indeed, whoever is in charge of programming at FXM is able to keep getting new rounds of movies out of the vaults, although there are a lot more 1970s movies in the Retro block than I think there were back in 2013. Today started another block of movies that I think only started showing up, and all three are again tomorrow, unsurprisingly:

Caprice, with Doris Day as an industrial spy in the perfume business who gets involved with Richard Harris, shows up at 6:00 AM;
M*A*S*H, which I think might have been on the old Fox Movie Channel when they had that Fox Legacy block with executive Tom Rothman presenting some of the more noteworthy movies from the studio's history, follows at 7:40 AM; and
9 to 5 gets an airing at 11:20 AM.

And then there's Friday, which sees a rare airing of All About Eve at 8:50 AM. I'm pretty certain this one was presened by Rathman as well, and don't remember it on the channel since, although it's gotten a handful of airings over on TCM. It's followed by another one of the movies Rathman presented, Can-Can; that presentation had him sitting down with Shirley MacLaine. I think Rothman has that presentation on his Youtube channel:

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