Sunday, June 4, 2023

Upcoming programming alerts, June 4-6, 2023

I was looking through the TCM schedule for stuff to put on the DVR, since there's a movie or two I missed that didn't show up on the Watch TCM app. (And, I learned the hard way that if you try recording something partway through it on Youtube TV, there doesn't seem to be a way to record from the start.) I noticed that one of this week's TCM Imports is Before the Rain, which I blogged about in 2017 and which is still in print from the Criterion Collection. It will be on overnight tonight at 2:00 AM. The other import, at 4:00 AM, is Three Colors: White. I have to admit that so far I've only seen Blue out of the Three Colors trilogy.

Tomorrow morning and afternoon on TCM brings up a bunch of wedding-related movies. As I scrolled quickly through the schedule, I saw that the picture associated with Father of the Bride at 4:00 PM was of Steve Martin, which suprised me until I looked closer. It seems that both versions of Father of the Bride will be on TCM tomorrow: the original with Spencer Tracy at 10:00 AM and the Steve Martin remake at 4:00 PM. I always enjoy The Bride Came C.O.D., which shows up at 2:00 PM.

It's not that long ago that I blogged about The Life of Jimmy Dolan. That one comes up again soon, at 7:30 AM on Tuesday.

I looked through the FXM lineup, and it doesn't seem that any of the stuff that I recorded but haven't yet blogged about is coming up soon. So I guess I won't be watching those off the DVR for a little while longer yet.

There should be a full-length review coming up in the afternoon, and I've got enough of a backlog of stuff that I should really be writing multiple reviews a day and putting some of them in draft.

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