Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New month, new movies, November 2017

Tomorrow is the first full day of a new month, which tends to mean a couple of movies coming out of the Fox vault for a bunch of showings on FXM Retro. Once again I have to admit that I'm amazed FXM Retro is even still around.

This month, a movie that's finally back on FXM Retro is Damnation Alley, which I blogged about all the way back in 2011 when the Fox Movie Channel was still running older movies around the clock.

It's a fun, if not very good, movie about the survivors of a nuclear war who pick up a radio broadcast from Albany, NY, and decide to make their way clear across the country to get there. Of course, they have to face a bunch of obstacles along the way, with the giant cockroaches being my favorite. Special effects are subpar, as is the acting. But as I said, it's entertaining in part because of the nutty story.

The movie is available on Amazon's streaming service, as well as DVD and even Blu-Ray, although at the prices listed it's rather high for a lousy movie.

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