Monday, April 23, 2018

A brief mention of The Man From Colorado

TCM's Star of the Month salute to William Holden continues tonight with western after western after western. In fact, I'm not quite certain I know Holden made so many westerns. A few years back I caught The Man from Colorado, and that's going to be on early tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM.

Holden plays the second-in-command to Glenn Ford at the end of the Civil War. The war clearly broke Ford, but people on the home front don't know that, and he gets named federal judge in the Colorado territory, with Ford naming Holden a federal marshal.

The only thing is, all the guys they fought alongside have had their gold claims taken out from under them during the war, and who's going to give those guys justice? It turns out that it's not going to be Ford.

Unfortunately, the movie was one of those good enough, but not particularly memorable movies that I'd want to watch again before doing a full-length post on it. I saw it a couple of years ago on Starz/Encore's westerns channel when I have all the premium channels as part of a free promo. I never did a post on it then because some brief searching implied that it wasn't in print on DVD. There's a Mill Creek box set that came out at the beginning of 2017, which is definitely after I saw the movie, but TCM lists another three-film set from 2008 which they imply is still in print since you can get it from the TCM Shop. I'm surprised I missed this back in the day.

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