Monday, April 30, 2018

Briefs for April 30-May 1, 2018

Tonight's the last night for TCM's Star of the Month William Holden's movies, although the movies will continue into May, as there are a couple of Holden movies in the early hours of TCM's Tuesday lineup. He's the only Star of the Month this week. It's not that the next Star of the Month is on Mondays in May; instead, there's a special this week and then the Star of the Month salute will run four nights later this month.

Blogger's search function is a bit wonky again, which always surprises me considering it should be using Google's search algorithm. The regular box at the top of the site that you'd all use to search this blog seems to work; it's the search on the dashboard list of posts (anybody else using Blogger knows what I'm talking about; it's the page from where one can edit one's posts) that caused me problems. I decided to add a few tags; I'm always behind in tagging posts properly. Anyhow, for one on Australia, I was going to blog my post on Animal Kingdom since I know fully well I blogged about it. The search on the dashboard didn't bring it up, but the one on the main page did. Go figure.

I should probably have mentioned director Michael Anderson earlier. He died last week aged 98. Anderson directed a series of noteworthy films, including the British war movie The Dambusters; the epic Around the World in 80 Days, and the science fiction movie Logan's Run which always seems to divide opinion.

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