Friday, May 4, 2018

Irish Independence Film Collection

I've mentioned quite a few times how I listen to various international broadcasters. Oftentimes, I'll just download an individual news story that sounds interesting. Yesterday, for example, there was a story from Ireland that the Irish Film Institute has restored a bunch of newsreel footage from the time of Irish Independence 100 years ago.

The news report itself isn't of particular note; I don't think I would have mentioned it if it weren't for the fact that the stuff is available online. The "Independence Film Collection" can be found here, although what looks more interesting is the home page for the Irish Film Archive media player.

Just for kicks, I tried one of the videos, which unsurprisingly didn't want to play in Firefox on my Linux system, although it did play in Opera. (I don't have a Chrome-based browser on this system.)

Not that I'm particularly interested in the Irish war of independence, but ilm archives are almost always interesting.

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