Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Wanna see a bunch of similar movies?

Today being May 1, we get some new features for a new month. As I said yesterday, no new Star of the Month yet, but it's already time for the TCM Spotlight. Starting at 8:00 tonight and for the next 48 hours, through to prime time Tuesday, and then again every Tuesday and Wednesday in May, we get movie series. Lots and lots of movie series.

Already tonight I'm looking forward to Blondie at 8:00 PM, which kicks off six movies in that series. Arthur Lake plays Dagwood Bumstead with Penny Singleton playing Blondie. The comic strip son Alexander appears in the entire series from what I can tell, although he's much younger than in the comic, where he was a teenager. I can't tell if daughter Cookie is in the first movie. There were about 28 movies in the series which ran from 1938 to 1950, but TCM is only showing the early entries tonight. You can't blame them for not running the entire series.

The series movies tend to be shorter, so the six Blondie Movies only run through to 4:15 AM, leaving time for nine movies in the Mexican Spitfire series, which I think is all of them, and we're still not to Wednesday in prime time yet.

TCM ran a whole bunch of series in the old Saturday just before noon slot, now replaced by the shorts/western/Tarzan block, and before that, I think it was in November 2007, the month with all the Guest Programmers in prime time, that they ran a whole bunch of series during the day.

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