Friday, April 24, 2009

Lazy birthday post

The weather is so nice here in New York today that I'm only going to write up a brief birthday post. Actually, I wouldn't have minded doing a post on Rage in Heaven, which TCM aired this morning, comparing it to Leave Her to Heaven, only with the gender roles reversed. However, Rage In Heaven hasn't been released to DVD, which is somewhat surprising, since Ingrid Bergman is the female lead, with reasonably well-known Robert Montgomery and George Sanders playing the two male leads.

TCM honored Shirley MacLaine today on her 75th birthday. I've recommended two of the movies that TCM are showing, The Trouble With Harry and The Children's Hour. They're not showing The Apartment (from which the photo at left is taken; MacLaine is in between Jack Lemmon and Edie Adams) today; it's probably MacLaine's best movie and, surprisingly, I've never done a full-length post on it.

Director William Castle would have been 95 today; he's best known for some of the gimmicks he introduced into the presentation of his movies, such as wiring seats to put out an electric shock at key points of The Tingler. It seems as though I've only recommended one of Castle's movies before: Strait-Jacket.

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