Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

April 15 is, of course, the day when we Americans are supposed to file out tax returns. So, I decided to think of a few movies having to do with paying (or not paying) taxes.

I recently recommended Too Many Crooks, in which Terry-Thomas thinks the tax authorities are after him, with good reason: he's been dodging taxes for years.

The Mating Game is a Debbie Reynolds/Tony Randall comedy in which Randall plays a taxman investigating why Reynolds' father hasn't been paying taxes on the family farm.

James Stewart wins a large prize package in The Jackpot, but only afterwards finds out that he actually has to pay tax on all the ridiculous prizes.

The grand-daddy of them all might be The Adventures of Robin Hood. Robin Hood and his merry men aren't stealing from the rich to give to the poor; they're taking back an unjust tax which is allegedly going to go to free King Richard the Lionhearted, but in reality is just going to fund the princes' lavish lifestyle.

The closest I can think of to a pro-tax movie from the studio era might be some of the movies extolling the New Deal, such as Heroes For Sale.

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