Monday, February 22, 2010

The Hollywood Revue is airing again

It's been a good 18th months since I recommended the movie The Hollywood Revue of 1929. If anything, it means that this is one of those movies that TCM airs very rarely. However, it's showing up again today, at 4:00 PM ET. It also says something about the folks who did the Oscar nominations that The Hollywood Revue got a nomination for Best Picutre! The movie that won, The Broadway Melody, is airing immediately before The Hollywood Revue, at 2:00 PM. As I also mentioned a long time ago, both of these movies are very creaky early musicals, with the camera basically set at the back of the theater filming the action on stage. It wasn't until Busby Berkeley came along and did the choreography for 42nd Street that the Hollywood musical really took off. 42nd Street happens to be airing tomorrow morning at 8:45 AM.

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