Sunday, February 28, 2010

TCM schedule warning

TCM is listing the short Calgary Stampede as airing at 5:41 AM ET tomorrow morning (March 1). It's a two-reeler looking at the famous Calgary Stampede rodeo as it was back in the late 1940s.

However, TCM's schedule also lists Lolita as starting at 4:30 AM ET on March 1. Lolita runs 153 minutes, which would put the ending at just after 7:00 AM. The feature that follows Lolita is Madame Bovary, which according to the schedule airs at 7:30 AM. That leaves a 25-minute or so gap between the two features, which is more than enough time to fit in the 18-minute Calgary Stampede.

Assuming Calgary Stampede does come on, it should be airing at just after 7:00 AM.

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