Friday, November 26, 2010

Frances Dee, 1909-2004

Today marks the birth anniversary of actress Frances Dee. She was a moderately successful actress in the early 1930s, until she met Joel McCrea, with whom she worked on several movies, including the previously recommended One Man's Journey. (That's McCrea in the picture with Dee; I believe it's a publicity still from 1937's Wells Fargo.) After getting married, and especially after having children, Dee worked more infrequently, ultimately retiring for good in the 1950s. Dee and McCrea were married for 57 years to the day, until his death in 1990.

Since Dee didn't work too much after the 1930s, and she often wasn't the leading lady, I haven't recommended too many of her films. I also mentioned her in Becky Sharp, and she shows up as the other woman in the Bette Davis version of Of Human Bondage, which just aired yesterday.

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