Saturday, November 20, 2010

Repeats and wish lists

TCM's Essential for this week is San Francisco, which was also an Essential back in June and is airing at 8:00 PM ET. Last time, it was the jumping-off point for a night of movies set in the City by the Bay; this time, the night's subject is Spencer Tracy. One of his earliest movies follows at 10:00 PM, Up the River, which also just happens to have one of Humphrey Bogart's earliest performances.

As for movies I've always wanted to see, one of the, A Summer Place, is coming up tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 PM on TCM. I don't think I've seen any of it before, and let's just hope that it turns out to be better than The Naked Maja, or if not, then at least maybe the football games will be interesting.

A Summer Place is one I've always kind of wanted to see just because the theme is very well known, thanks to Percy Faith's instrumental version (which is, according to IMDb, not in the movie). There are, though, other movies that I saw part of many years ago, back in the old days of independent TV channels that showed old movies, but didn't get to see in their entirety, or that I did see, but would like to see again. Thanks to TCM, I've been able to cross The Solid Gold Cadillac and The Cranes Are Flying off of that list. Others, such as The D.I., still haven't made it to TCM. (It is, however, part of the Warner Archive, but those DVDs are expensive.)

And then there are the movies I saw in Germany, which dubs movies rather than using subtitles (or at least did when I was there back in 1989). The one I remember showing up was The Web, which is unfortunately a Universal movie, so is less likely to show up on TCM than The D.I., which is from Warner Bros. (As an aside, a lot more of the post-1950 Warner films, which didn't make it to the original Turner Library, are showing up on TCM.)

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