Friday, November 12, 2010

Tin foil hats

I commented again recently on my not caring for the 1970s-era conspiracy theory movies. With tin foil hats being a metaphor for folks who believe in such conspiracies, I find it interesting that a movie that involves real metallic headgear comes up in this week's TCM Underground: They Came From Beyond Space, overnight at 3:45 AM ET.

This British sci-fi movie involves something that looks like a meteor shower falling on rural England, only for strange things to start happening. The scientists begin to investigate, and soon enough, all of them begin to conspire to keep the hero of the story from investigating further. Why? Well, if it involves metallic headgear, you can probably guess the reason why. This is a movie that, on the face of it, is really lousy. But it's perfect for TCM Underground in that it's the sort of movie that's so horrible it winds up being a lot of fun. And that's the sort of movie I like.

Amazingly enough, They Came From Beyond Space has gotten a DVD release in several different sci-fi themed sets.

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