Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm not quite certain why

I was looking at the site stats again today, and found some really interesting things.

I got a link from Malaysia, although the link given in the site states resolves to a different site. Google Translate indicates that the site is about getting a good job in the Malaysian civil service:

For me, of course provision, but that of God Almighty, I sincerely say, if without the knowledge of things like the story of three blind men who are wrong in assuming that a physical body. So, know that only with knowledge can help us. Find out the secrets, and tips, as well as the facts contained in the SECRET GOVERNMENT PASSED INTERVIEW. If you are offered an interview for the first time the government, do not worry, I also like your first. Best wishes.

I don't see where the link is, though. Maybe they're looking for Gale Sondergaard in The Letter. Over the past week, this site has given me a whopping SEVEN referrals from Malaysia!

I got another search for Gus Visser, but that's not interesting. Somebody else searched for something rather more interesting; namely, "Does Deborah Kerr show her nipples in Quo Vadis?" Um, ever heard of the Production Code?

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