Saturday, December 4, 2010

So that's what Anatole Litvak looks like

TCM is showing a night of films directed by Anatole Litvak tonight. It kicks off with this week's TCM Essential, The Snake Pit, which earned Litvak his one and only Best Director Oscar nomination, at 8:00 PM ET. That's followed at 10:00 PM by the too-rarely shown Confessions of a Nazi Spy, at 10:00 PM. One of Litvak's "prestige" movies that gets surprisingly few showings on TCM is All This, and Heaven Too, which stars Bette Davis and Charles Boyer. Once again, it gets overlooked here, although at least it's available on DVD.

I was going to illustrate this post with a photo of Litvak, but I was surprised to see that both the Wikipedia article on him, and his IMDb page, have no publicity photo of him. For those who are interested in what he looks like, there's the Google image search, which yields a lot of photos from the Life and Getty archives which are of course watermarked.

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