Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another first for me

Would you believe I have yet to see Come Back, Little Sheba? It's airing at 8:00 PM ET this evening on TCM. Not having seen it, I can't really do a full-length post on the movie. It's sandwiched between a pair of movies I have recommended, though: Walter Matthau winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in The Fortune Cookie at 5:30 PM; and Cavalcade at 10:00 PM.

One of the nice things about the airings of Come Back, Little Sheba and Cavalcade is that TCM seems to be continuing to have more luck getting movies that aren't part of the old Turner library. Cavalcade is one of the increasing number of Fox films to reach TCM, while Come Back, Little Sheba was made at Paramount after the movies from the Paramount library that were sold off to MCA, so I would assume that TCM actually had to negotiate with Paramount/Viacom or wheterver the conglomerate is called these days, and not Comcast/Universal. I think both movies are TCM premieres, too.

Also, Cavalcade seems finally to have gotten a DVD release, albeit only as part of a massive box set.

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