Thursday, February 3, 2011

The movies of 1930

I'm sorry to say that today is just going to be a lazy list post: that snow storm that his large portions of the Midwest dropped some snow on the Catskills. Not as much, but enough to have to shovel and shovel two straight mornings, plus just enough freezing rain on top of the second storm to make the snow an absolute pain to shovel. I suppose I'll have to dig out the list post I've done on snowstorms. As for real movies, I watched Five Easy Pieces last night for the first time, and found it overrated. Tonight's movies are more promising, although I've blogged about a couple of them before.

The night kicks off with The Love Parade at 8:00 PM, which sounds fun (I haven't seen it before) except for the musical part of it. That's followed at 10:00 PM by
All Quiet on the Western Front, the Oscar-winning adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque's anti-war novel. It's quite good, and well worth watching.
The Big House at 12:30 AM; as you can see, I've already blogged about it.
Surprisingly, I have yet to blog about The Divorcee, which won Norma Shearer her Oscar. It, like The Big House, has Robert Montgomery in a supporting role; it's airing at 2:00 AM.
The final early talkie of the night is Disraeli at 3:30 AM, which aired almost exactly one year ago as part of last year's 31 Days of Oscar.

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