Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Norway's national holiday

Generic Norwegian flag clip artIf anybody in Norway is reading this blog, they will know immediately that today is the big national holiday in Norway, celebrating the anniversary of the signing of the Norwegian constitution in 1814. Not that this has much to do with classic films. Oh, I suppose I could do a post on Sonja Henie, although it always amazes me that every time I see one of her Fox films (she only made about ten of them), she's not playing a Norwegian. But Henie isn't one of my particular favorites. It's like Esther Williams on ice. I suppose, however, that actually having Esther Williams try to do her prodcution numbers on ice, and Sonja Henie do hers on water skis, would make for some interesting cinema.

Instead, I'd like to note that The Heroes of Telemark, which I blogged about back in June, 2008, has gotten a new release to DVD and is apparently of passable quality. Amazon's commenting system seems to be having a problem differentiating between various DVD/regional releases and lumping comments together, as there was an old DVD of public domain quality (or lack of quality).

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