Monday, May 2, 2011

Several more brief snippets

TCM is honoring the birth anniversary of Bing Crosby, who is not one of my favorites, to put it mildly. I figured I'd look to see if anybody else famous shares the birthday, and from looking at IMDb's list, it looks limited to lesser-known actors, although I've always like Roscoe Lee Browne's brief role as a Caribbean spy who infiltrates the Cuban diplomatic mission in Alfred Hitchcock's Topaz.

TCM's Crosby salute ends at 7:00 PM, at which point the first part of the Moguls and Movie Stars series that first aired back in November comes back on. TCM is showing all seven parts every night this week, with each part coming on at 7:00 PM. If memory serves, each part was right around 60 minutes, so by the time they get through the opening animation and the announcement of the movies following, the primetime lineup might actually start a minute or two late. (Or, Moguls and Movie Stars might start a bit early.) The first two or three parts are worth watching, but the series goes downhill a bit after that.

During the prime-time lineup, TCM is showing a short called Redd Foxx Becomes a Movie Star, from 1976. I haven't seen the short, but looking at the date, it should be a promotional short for the warped 1976 film Norman... Is That You?, in which Foxx plays a man who finds out his son is gay.

Apparently Red Dust still hasn't gotten a DVD release, not even to the Warner Archive collection. I mentioned that back in November when TCM aired the remake Mogambo as part of its salute to Star of the Month Ava Gardner. Red Dust is coming on again tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM if you want to watch.

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