Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TCM's birthday salute

And they're not even showing this oneTCM is honoring Rosalind Russell's birthday with several of her films today.... Wait a second; today isn't Russell's birthday. Every source I can find has Russell listed as having been born on June 4, 1907. Now this year, June 4 is going to fall on a Saturday, and for whatever reason, TCM doesn't normally do any birthday salutes on the weekend. But it still seems odd to honor Russell ten days before her birthday.

That having been said, today is one of those days when it looks as though TCM doesn't have any good candidates for a birthday to mark. Perhaps the most famous is Jeanne Crain, and as you can see I already did the lazy birthday post for her last year. Crain did a lot of her work at Fox, so TCM doesn't have easy access to those movies. TCM is putting the spotlight on director Archie Mayo tonight in prime time, but TCM's prime time salutes generally aren't birthday salutes either. (That having been said, I am looking forward to some of the Mayo pictures tonight.)

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