Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laurel and Harlow

Tonight is the second night of silent Laurel and Hardy shorts in TCM's weekly Silent Sunday Nights feature. Probably the most interesting of tonight's shorts is Double Whoopee, airing at 1:00 AM. Stan and Ollie play a pair of men who get a temporary job working as doormen at a high-class hotel. Thanks to their uniforms, they're mistaken for a European prince and his retinue who are supposed to be chiecking in to the hotel on the same day Stan and Ollie arrive. Needless to say, chaos ensues. However, what really makes this one interesting is the presence in a brief scene of an 18-year-old Jean Harlow, pictured here with the two comedians. Her scene involves her getting out of a taxi, only for Stan to close the door on her dress and for the dress to get ripped off as she walks out of the taxi, making her walk into the hotel wearing just her slip. Oops! That's also some intereting hairdo that Harlow has.

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