Monday, November 28, 2011


About three weeks ago I made brief mention of the film The Next Voice You Hear..., and mentioned that it would be airing on Novmeber 28. Today is that day, and it's airing at 2:30 PM on TCM. The Next Voice You Hear... is airing on TCM as part of a day of lesser-known movies from 1950, and is one of those Dory Schary films I would lump in with the "trying to put out a message" films. Even though it's clearly got Christian morals, I'd agree with other commenters who say that it's gentler in putting its message across then the similarly-themed The Day the Earth Stood Still (the early 1950s version; not the recent remake).

Another of the films in this morning's TCM lineup is one that I first mentioned two years ago, and has already gotten a release as part of the Warner Archive Collection: Crisis, starring Cary Grant, which comes on at 11:00 AM. Now if only The Next Voice You Hear... could get the DVD treatment, perhaps with some of the other stuff Nancy Davis (Reagan) did in the early 1950s. One of these days perhaps TCM will get around to showing Talk About a Stranger or Night Into Morning again. I thought I'd blogged about one or the other, but apparently not.

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