Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Missing shorts

As I mentioned about two weeks ago, TCM seems to schedule its shorts relatively close to when they actually air, and that one probably ought to check TCM's online schedule for upcoming shorts. Unfortunately, the people responsible for maintaining the online schedule haven't been doing a good job of updating shorts lately. Last night after Smash-Up and before The Blue Angel (ie. about 7:50 PM) they aired a Robert Benchley short, but it never made it to the online schedule. And today, after The Story of Mankind, at about 11:50 AM, there was a short about stars on horseback. That, too, never made it to the online schedule.

One thing you can do to guess when the shorts are most likely to show up is to look for a break of at least 15 minutes between one movie and the next. The Story of Mankind, for example, is a 100-minute film which was put into a two-hour time slot, so it seemed a good guess that there would be rom for a short. Other than that, I'm sorry to say I can't offer much help.

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