Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jungle Safari

I mentioned at the end of January that TCM ran a short in conjunction with King Solomon's Mines about the Dodge trucks that helped carry the cast, crew, and equipment to the shooting locations. I don't think that short had a title.

TCM's on-line schedule, however, lists something called Jungle Safari for tomorrow at 8:59 AM, which is just after King Solomon's Mines, which starts at 7:15 AM and runs 103 minutes. This is one of the shorts that does have a synopsis on the on-line schedule, which reads: "A short, promotional documentary about the challenges of on-location filming in the African wilderness for the adventure film King Solomon's Mines (1950)."
That sounded like the short I had seen a few weeks back, and IMDb doesn't have a listing for any short from 1950 called Jungle Safari, so I opened up the TCM page for Jungle Safari, which doesn't even have that synopsis. (My understanding is that most of the information on TCM's individual pages for movies comes from the AFI database.)

There is a link for user reviews, however, and that seems to confirm that Jungle Safari is the same short I mentioned back in January. There's one review titled "Dodge trucks in the bush". So, if you want to watch the short in better quality then you'll get on Youtube, it looks as though tomorrow morning is your chance.

To be honest, though, this is the sort of thing that really ought to be included as an extra on a DVD of King Solomon's Mines.

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