Monday, February 4, 2013

Searching the Fox Movie Channel

Every now and then, the Fox Movie Channel still has a movie that's worth watching and worth blogging about. Unfortunately, finding those movies can be a bit of a pain. A few weeks back, FMC ran The President's Lady. Now, it is possible to find out all the times FMC will be running a movie. On FMC's schedule page, there's a little clock next to each movie in the listings. If you click on that, you'll get a pop-up showing all of the airdates for the movie in question. I had seen that The President's Lady would be running once in January and once in February, but I didn't note down which day in February the second airing would be. So this morning I decided to look it up. I typed the term "President's Lady" in the search box, which duly yielded no matches. Thankfully, I knew that the movie stars Charlton Heston, so I did a search on him, which gave me the desired result. It's airing February 11, so I don't have to write the blog post for several days yet.

Another example is A High Wind in Jamaica. This is another one they showed on FMC last month, and when I first went to the FMC schedule, I saw it too was getting an airing in January and an airing in February. It stars Anthony Quinn, so I typed "Quinn" in the search box -- and got Viva Zapata! Now, there's nothing wrong with getting Viva Zapata! as a hit on an Anthony Quinn search, since he did play a supporting role in the movie. But that was the only hit. I had to do a search on "Jamaica" to get the desired hit. I haven't missed blogging about this one eiter; it's running on February 13 and has two airings in March.

Ah, but things get even more interesting. I tried running a few more searches. Searching on "president" hoping to get The President's Lady brought up Viva Zapata!, which is about the Mexican president, so again a valid hit. But a second search on "Quinn" yielded A High Wind in Jamaica, and not Viva Zapata!. I can only wonder what other movies I'm missing on FMC.

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