Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heard from international broadcasters again

A lot of what's coming up on the TCM schedule is stuff I've either blogged about already, or stuff I haven't seen. There is the 1940 short Home Movies showing up just after 6:30 PM (ie. just after Greta Garbo's Two-Faced Woman), which I haven't seen before. It's a Robert Benchley short, though, which is probably useful in knowing what it's going to be like. I think I'd classify Benchley's shorts as being reminiscent of Joe McDoakes, but the humor is different, and a bit tough to describe.

So, it's off to the news. I've mentioned quite a few times that I listened to short-wave radio when international broadcasters were still using that medium. The ones that still have English-language services are mostly on the internet now, but I still listen to them, which brings up some interesting stories. As to how this relates to film, this past Monday, Radio Prague ran an interview with Martin Pomothy, who founded the Czech and Slovak Film Database. You can probably guess, however, that the CSFD site is not in English. The interview is in English, and the link above is a transcript. There's also a link to the MP3, which is about 10 minutes and about 2.3MB.

Radio New Zealand reported that New Zealand's last remaining film processing lab is closing. From now on, it's digital all the way, although the article doesn't say how much of New Zealand's filmmaking was digital before the decision to close the processing lab. Interesting that it was bought by Peter Jackson, of Lord of the Rings fame.

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