Friday, March 8, 2013

Saturday movie series return to TCM

TCM has been running various series of movies on Saturday mornings into the afternoons for some time now. They took a month off for 31 Days of Oscar, of course, but the series return tomorrow. At the end of January, TCM ran the last of the Brass Bancroft movies in the pre-noon slot, so now they're kicking off a new series, which is the Perry Mason movies of the mid-1930s. The first of them is The Case of the Howling Dog tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM, starring Warren William as Mason. The scond one, The Case of the Curious Bride, which comes up on the 16th, is of special interest because the murder victim is played by Errol Flynn in one of his earliest Hollywood roles. We don't see that much of Flynn; the murder complete with victim is only shown at the end of the movie with Flynn trying to fight off his assailant.

Before 31 Days of Oscar, TCM was running the Torchy Blane movies in the Saturday at noon slot. Those return tomorrow at noon with Torchy Gets Her Man, which sees Glenda Farrell return to the franchise for the first of three more appearances as Torchy Blane. Barton MacLane and Tom Kennedy are both also along for the ride. There will be one final Torchy movie, Torchy Plays With Dynamite, which has Jane Wyman playing Torchy, on March 30.

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