Friday, March 29, 2013

Two of Saturday morning's shorts

I'm looking at the TCM schedule for March 30, and there are two shorts that jump out at me. First, at about 8:45 AM (in other words, just after Bride of Frankenstein, is one called Movie Memories #2. It's a 1934 short which is supposedly a look at some of the silent movie stars of the past, but the thing that strikes me is that it's listed as a Paramount short. I wouldn't think that TCM would have good access to shorts from Paramount, as the Paramount talkies from before 1950 are all owned by Universal now. True, TCM has been able to get the rights to show quite a few of those pre-1950 Paramounts; certainly a good deal more of those than of Universal movies from the same time period. But still, getting a Paramount short seems a bit unlikely to me. There's a nostalgic look at old movies that was done by Vitaphone/Warner Bros. around the same time, with the hook of a guard who falls asleep and has a dream about the old movies. I could swear I mentioned that briefly in one of my posts, but I can't remember the name of that short.

The second short, at about 10:20 AM (following Godzilla, King of the Monsters), is The Cole Case. I haven't mentioned this particular short before, but it's another of SS Van Dine's stories turned into a two-reeler; that's a subject I mentioned last December.

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