Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An apology, even though it's not my fault

I'm sorry if I led any of you astray with my listing of the interviewees on Carson on TCM last night. However, it's pretty clear that somebody at TCM simply punched in the wrong file name when it came to telling the systems that play the stuff we see on TCM what should have been on. Conan O'Brien's remarks at the end about this being the end of another season of Carson on TCM pretty well imply that this was the batch of interviews that was supposed air on the last Tuesday of the month, which would be next week. A look at next Tuesday's schedule confirms this. I didn't stay past the end of the last interview with Gene Kelly to see whether or not Whistling in the Dark, or the other Red Skelton movies, aired as they were scheduled to do, although I'd presume that they did.

One thing that slightly surprised me, although perhaps it shouldn't have, is that all of the night's interviews were programmed to play together, rather than as individual files. My first thought when Conan's intro came up and he started talking about Julie Andrews and Arnold Schwarzenegger was that somebody had just inputted the wrong introduction to play, and that the correct interviews would play. After all, the individual interviews are going to have to be split up so that they can air between features, as we've been seeing from time to time on Satuday mornings.

The other thing that somewhat interests me is what TCM is going to do next Tuesday. I'd guess that most people who are interested in these interviews have been watching the whole series, which means that TCM could simply run the interviews that were supposed to be on last night on the 25th, without too much problem. But I'd feel for people who wanted to see one specific interview that was supposed to be on the 25th, only to tune in and find TCM is running a set of interviews that was originally supposed to air on the 18th.

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