Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Carson on TCM looks at classic TV

This being another Tuesday, we get anothe rsix interivews in the Carson on TCM series. This Tuesday looks at six people who are just as well-known, if not better-known, for the work they did on TV as the work they did in the movies. Once again, the online daily schedule seems to be getting it wrong, listing only five interviews and in the wrong order. From the monthly schedule, tonight's lineup:

First up is Lucille Ball, from 1977.
That's followed by Carol Burnett from 1979;
Candice Bergen is interviewed in 1984, follwed by
Don Adams in a 1980 interview.
Jack Benny, in 1973 near the end of his life, shows up, and finally is
Red Skelton in 1983.

The rest of the prime time lineup is half a dozen feature films starring Red Skelton, starting at 9:15 PM. Skelton isn't my favorite star, often being a bit too wacky for my taste, but I'm sure there are people who like him. I am mildly surprised, however, that I haven't seen the piece that Michael Richards did on Skelton some years back when Skelton was TCM's Star of the Month.

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Unknown said...

That is what the programming Guide said would be on as well, but that certainly is not what was on my TV. It looks like they aired next week segment, ending with Gene Kelly, a week early. I wonder if next week they will air what was supposed to be on this week, or if they'll repeat what was actually aired again?