Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Haven't I seen that before?

There's not a whole lot to blog about right now. TCM's lineup for today was college break movies and the music they inspired, and as I wrote back when Annette Funicello died back in 2013, I never really got into all those beach movies, not being in the right demographic. I'm sure there are a lot of oldsters who have a fond memory for these films, though.

That's followed tonight by a night of movies with cinematographer Charles Lawton, Jr. Everything seems to be available from the TCM shop except for Gunman's Walk at midnight. It's a good son vs. bad son story that I thought I blogged about in full at some point in the past, but haven't. Indeed, it's one of those movies where the same things I mentioned in a 2013 post about The Man From Laramie hold true. I know fully well I've seen it, but it's one of those westerns (again, not my favorite genre, which probably explains things) where the plot elements seem to blend in with quite a few of the other westerns I've seen. You'll probably have to look for a better commentary on the film from one of the bloggers who writes about westerns.

Over on FXM Retro, they're running Mother Is a Freshman, which I bloged about three and a half years ago, tomorrow at 9:15 AM. I've stated before that FXM, going back to the days when it was the Fox Movie Channel, seems to take films from their vault, run them a whole bunch of times within a short period of time, and then put the films back in the vault. That now seems to be the case with Mother Is a Freshman.

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