Sunday, January 11, 2015

Luise Rainer memorial programming

Tomorrow would have been the 105th birthday of actress Luise Rainer, who died two weeks ago. TCM already had a lineup of her films scheduled for her birthday, and it's looking as though that lineup has remained intact for the programming tribute. I would have thought that, as with Lauren Bacall, they'd expand it into a 24-hour tribute, but apparently not. Among the seven films and one interview are both of Rainer's Oscar-winning roles:

The Great Ziegfeld, at 6:00 AM, won Rainer her first Oscar;
Rainer plays the wife of taxi driver Spencer Tracy in Big City at 9:00 AM;
Rainer returns as a European spy in The Emperor's Candlesticks at 10:30 AM;
The Good Earth at 12:00 PM won Rainer her second Oscar;
Rainer is a wannabe actress in Dramatic School at 2:30 PM;
Rainer plays Mrs. Johann Strauss Jr. in The Great Waltz at 4:00 PM;
Rainer gets cast as a southern belle in The Toy Wife at 5:45 PM; and
The interview Rainer did at the 2010 TCM Classic Film Festival concludes the proceedings at 7:30 PM.

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