Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Street Girl redux

A year and change ago, I mentioned the movie Street Girl. It's coming up tomorrow morning at 7:15 AM on TCM, following the subject of the previous blog post, Dance Hall.

I briefly mentioned the plot of the movie in the April 2014 post, and that barebones plot holds. Betty Compson, who had been in silents for a dozen years before the advent of the talkie, plays the down on her luck immigrant girl who meets a struggling band called the Four Seasons because each of them has a season as a last name. The bandleader, Mike Fall (John Harron, who worked steadily if in nothing that you'll remember) falls in love with her. And then it turns out that she had played for a prince back in her home country, and that prince shows up.

There's not all that much going on here, but for an early (ie. pre-42nd. Street) musical, it's not that bad, and worth a watch.

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