Monday, November 21, 2016

Mmmm, cookies

Over the weekend when I was posting I got a warning mesage from Blogger that they're supposedly putting up a message for viewers about Blogger's/Google's use of cookies. Apparently, the European Union has had a regulation for a while that websites have to let people know when they're using cookies to track users.

I've seen the obnoxious messages pretty much any time I visit sites based in the EU, and I'd presume Blogger is doing it so their sites that actually are hosted on servers within the EU won't run afoul of the legislation. Of course, governments track you far more than any web-site or business does, and it's usually a hell of a lot easier to opt out of being watched by business. But that's another story.

Anyhow, I comment on this because I only saw the Blogger notice when I made a post, on the page that goes from the posting page to the list of recent posts. I haven't seen it on the blog itself, or on the low number of Blogger blogs I visit. Has anybody else seen it, or is Blogger using geolocation to serve the message only to people in the EU?

I should add that any cookies this blog serves are courtesy of Blogger/Google; I haven't requested any be put up. And the bureaucrats in Brussels all ought to watch The Mating Game.

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