Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Silents update, September 19, 2017

So I don't particularly care for any of tonight's Jennifer Jones movies, and I haven't sat through any of the recent TCM airings of The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit to do a full-length review of it. Instead, I should mention a few things I learned over the weekend while looking for movies on my DVR that are available on DVD.

I was looking for a DVD of the 1966 Soviet film Wings, which of course shares its title with the first Best Picture Oscar winner. So a search for the Soviet movie is definitely going to yield clases with that, as well as box sets of the 1990s sitcom Wings. But I learned that the 1927 silent is going to be getting a new DVD and Blu-Ray release, coming out at the end of October.

Having thought of that and Gary Cooper's brief role in it, I thought about The Winning of Barbara Worth, which I have on my DVR having recorded it when Ronald Colman was Star of the Month back in July. It turns out that that one is available from the Warner Archive, so it's one that I should probably sit down and watch so that I can do a full-length review on it.

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