Friday, September 29, 2017

Things I probably should have mentioned in the past few days

Anne Jeffreys died on Wednesday at the age of 94. She just came up last weekend since she was the female lead in Zombies on Broadway, which was on TCM last Saturday. She never reached big star status, but some people will remember her from the Topper TV series (based on the same material as the movies) of the early 1950s and others will remember her from General Hospital where she had a recurring role.

It looks like TCM's Saturday morning series movies are a thing of the past. TCM ran the last of the Boston Blackie movies last Saturday, and tomorrow in the same time slot is Mystery of the Wax Museum. It's a great film, of course, but it's not part of any series. Having said that, it might not be such a bad thing that they're giving all those series a rest for a while.

FXM has a hi-def feed. A day or two ago I was looking for any showings in the next two weeks of a movie that's coming up next week, and was surprised to get four results. It turned out that two of them were on FXM, and the other two were on FXMHD, at least as DirecTV calls them. I think the hi-def feed only showed up on DirecTV in the last week, since I was looking up the airings of a different movie last weekend, and only got the FXM showings. I watched, and The Desert Rats was being shown pillarboxed on the hi-def feed and stretched on the regular feed. I don't know if people with other cable systems get FXMHD, but it's nice finally not to have to deal with the TV's aspect ratio if I record something from FXM Retro.

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