Friday, September 22, 2017

That list again

A month ago, I mentioned the BBC list of 100 greatest comedies that had made the news in the past few days. Somebody obviously gave an advance copy of that list to the folks at TCM. (Well, to be fair, Ben Mankiewicz was one of the people polled.) Tonight's prime time lineup on TCM is five of the top movies from that list. Even if you're not a fan of everybody on that list -- I'm not the biggest Charlie Chaplin fan and I was curious to see somebody pick a Marx Brothers movie for yesterdays "Thursday Movie Picks" blogathon -- there should be something for your liking. But TCM normally comes up with these schedules a couple of months in advance, before the BBC list was made public. (As I understand it, the monthly spotlights and Stars of the Month are planned out up to a year in advance while they try to secure the rights to needed movies.)

Saturday morning starts off with something that clearly isn't on BBC's list of 100 great comedies: Zombies on Broadway, at 6:00 AM. This RKO B movie shows up surprisingly infrequently considering it's part of the old Turner library. But I suppose there's a reason why the RKO B's show up less than those from Warner Bros. or MGM. Still, Zombies on Broadway is fun but silly even if it's not that good.

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