Friday, July 5, 2019

Schedule notes for July 5-6, 2019

This being 2019, it's an odometer anniversary of 1939, which is often referred to as "Hollywood's Greatest Year". Back in 2009 for the 70th anniversary of the year, TCM ran a month-long spotlight, although I can't tell which month it was since the TCM article for that spotlight doesn't have a date.

At any rate, TCM is running another salute to 1939 for what is now the 80th, on Fridays in July. There will be 42 movies airing if I counted correctly; there's also a documentary that premiered back in 2009 that will be airing a couple of times this month, including at 10:00 tonight. The movies will be starting on Friday mornings and running through to the start of TCM Underground in the overnight.

One thing I find mildly interesting is that although both of the spotlights refer specifically to Hollywood, this year's spotlight includes a couple of British movies, starting with the very first selection in the spotlight, The Four Feathers at 6:00 AM today.

Last Saturday during the matinee block, specifically the 10:00 AM portion of that block, TCM ran the last of the Falcon movies they're running. That means that this week sees the start of a new series, and they're going back to... the Bowery Boys, with Live Wires just after the Popeye short, so around 10:07 AM. There's fifty-something movie in the series, so once you include Summer Under the Stars and 31 Days of Oscar, the Bowery Boys movies should theoretically be running until sometime in late 2020?

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