Sunday, April 18, 2021

Coming Attractions, April 18-April 20 (or so), 2021

I've got some things I've watched recently that I could blog about, but I was looking through the listings recently to see what's coming up that I blogged about a while back. TCM's 31 Days of Oscar is up to N, starting at 4:00 this afternoon with The Naked Spur. Surprisingly, the N's don't even continue for 24 hours before we get to O movies with Odd Man Out, at 11:00 AM tomorrow.

Over on other channels, there's One Foot In Hell, tonight at 11:54 PM on StarzEncore Westerns. This would also be the place to point out that the similarly-titled, but completely different movie One Foot in Heaven got an Oscar nomination, so TCM can use it for 31 Days of Oscar, and does, at 2:00 AM Tuesday.

I can't believe it's been 12 years since I blogged about Antwone Fisher. It shows up overnight tonight at 2:38 AM on HBO Zone, as well as several more times over the next couple of weeks.

Over on FXM, it's only been 11 years since I did a post on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, which will be on again at 6:00 AM tomorrow. Of course, I think I've mentioned it a few times since then in the FXM repeats threads I do from time to time. (I don't think there's anything on FXM this week that I've both watched recently and haven't blogged about yet. Maybe that will change at the start of May.)

As for movies that are on my DVR and are coming up but I haven't blogged about, there's the 1982 musical version of Annie, among other times at 2:18 PM tomorrow on Starz Family. However, I was planning on getting to it this coming weekend, since I've actually got a vacation day off of work.

On against Annie, tomorrow at 1:44 PM on StarzEncore Mystery, is The Fury, which I only blogged about a decade ago. It's hard to believe I've been blogging for 13 years now.

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