Monday, December 19, 2022

Speak of the devil

It was only last Friday when I, not having much else to write about, mentioned that I hadn't seen the TCM Remembers piece for 2022. Wouldn't you know, but it was finally released on Sunday. I've tuned in a couple of times in the breaks between movies when I thought there would be enough time for it to air, but so far, I haven't caught it. It is, however, on Youtube:

I also mentioned the Library of Congress announcing the films selected for the National Film Registry this year. Several years back, TCM started doing a tribute to it. The first few years, this aired the night that the list was announced, which means they had to embargo the list. I don't know exactly how far in advance the interviews with the Librarian of Congress were recorded, but I don't think they were live. In any case, after two or three years of this the tribute got moved to either the end of December or early January. It looks as though this year the tribute is going to be five movies in prime time on December 27; I should have a post on that when the day comes.

I apologize for not having more to write about, but work has been crazy and I've been working obscene amounts of overtime, resulting in less time to watch movies to blog about, and less energy to blog about them.

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