Tuesday, December 27, 2022

TCM's National Film Registry night

I mentioned a week and a half back that I missed the Library of Congress' announcement of which films were being selected for the National Film Registry this year by a couple of days. TCM has for several years had a night of programming dedicated to highlighting some of the films selected that year. This year, that programming is tonight.

TCM has selected five of the movies to show, and unsurprisingly, they've decided to go with a somewhat more commercial selection, with the three movies closest to classic Hollywood, and two older documentaries; none of the more recent stuff, although I have a feeling they wouldn't have been able to get the rights to the Marvel Comics movie Iron Man which was selected. The five choices are:

Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in Charade, at 8:00 PM;
Titicut Follies, a documentary about an institution for the criminally insane, at 10:00 PM;
The blaxploitation movie Superfly at 11:30 PM;
Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives, a look at the coming out stories of gays and lesbians a half century ago, at 1:15 AM; and
Jose Ferrer's Oscar-winning turn in Cyrano de Bergerac, which pretty much every news story I saw mentioned Ferrer ticking off the right demographic box, at 3:45 AM.

TCM's page mentioning this year's selections doesn't mention tonight's programming at all; I'm assuming it was written before they decided which movies to show. It also doesn't mention whether anybody involved with the Registry will be sitting down with Ben or whoever is hosting to talk about the selections. TCM ran a documentary a few years back about the selection process.

In semi-related news, I don't think I saw any night of movies this month dedicated to people who died during 2022 the way they've done in past years; that is, people who weren't necessarily worthy of an entire night's tribute of their own during the year each getting one of their movies spotlighted.

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