Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doctor, doctor

I should have posted last night about the "Crime Doctor" movies that TCM is running as I type. Warner Baxter played a criminal-turned psychologist who gets called in to investigate crimes in a series of several movies. TCM is shwoing seven of the films, each of which runs just under 75 minutes, from 6:00 until the last one ends a little after 2:30 PM. That's followed at 2:45 PM by Doctor in the House. Dirk Bogarde stars as Simon Sparrow, a young medical student at a teaching hospital in London, who tries to balance work and play. The movie was so successful that it resulted in a series of films. Bogarde returned a few years later for Doctor at Large (4:30 PM), and then quite a few year after that for Doctor in Distress (6:15 PM). What's interesting is that the last of these, Doctor in Distress, was released in 1963, which is after Bogarde became a "serious" actor by making films such as Victim.

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