Thursday, May 31, 2012

I thought I'd blogged about Some of the Best before

I've made brief mention of MGM's 25th anniversary feature Some of the Best a good four years ago, but for some reason I thought I had made more mention of it the last time it showed up on TCM a few weeks back. Apparently not.

That having been said, the other Some of the Best is showing up tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM on TCM. I don't think I seen this one before; it's MGM's salute to itself on its 20th anniversary, made five years before the one I've mentioned before. Lewis Stone (Judge Hardy from the Andy Hardy movies) presents. Reading the synopsis, it sounds a lot like the 1949 version, only without the big banquet at the end (which for me is the fun part of the 1949 version), or of course the movies made after 1944.

Neither version of Some of the Best appears to have been put on a DVD as an extra.

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