Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas 2012 repeats

This morning's post is almost a post that I could have written a year ago; in fact, I did write a post last Charistmas Eve on Christmas movies that TCM was running yet again. Not only that, but most of the movies I mentioned in last December 24's post are movies that I was planning to mention in this morning's post. I got the idea for the post today when I noticed that TCM ran Holiday Affair last night. Looking through the schedule, it's going to run again at 3:00 PM on Monday, December 24, a day when TCM is running a whole bunch of Christmas movies.

Quite a few of those movies are repeats of things that TCM already ran earlier in the month. I first blogged about The Bishop's Wife during the 2008 Christmas season. It kicks off the Sunday night Christmas movie double-header at 8:00 PM Sunday -- and then gets a repeat at 1:00 PM Monday!

And then there are the remakes. The Shop Around the Corner aired earlier this month as part of TCM's salute to the movies of Ernst Lubitsch, who directed it. If you missed that airing, you're going to get another chance, as it's on at 8:00 PM Monday. And you have another few chances to see something similar. The movie was remade as a musical under the title, In the Good Old Summertime with Van Johnson and Judy Garland. That aired last Tuesday night, and is getting another airing at 11:00 AM Monday.

Last night's schedule also had Bachelor Mother, which has also shown up on TCM on Mother's Day, based upon when I blogged about it. The bad news is that if you missed it, you won't have a chance to see Ginger Rogers playing the title role again. However, as with The Shop Around the Corner, it was remade as a musical. That remake, Bundle of Joy, is airing at noon on Sunday.

Of course, as I wrote earlier in December 2011, There are only so many Christmas movies.

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